Friday, 20 August 2010

Medicine Bottles

My in-laws recently had a clear out of their loft and gave me a box full of old medicine bottles.

I've only just got round to having a sort through and there's some fab bottles including some poison ones (I wore rubber gloves to be on the safe side!).


Some have fab labels, here are some of my favourites:

Wonder who needed the Lithium Citrate (which is used as a mood stabiliser in psychiatric treatment!)


Goodness knows what "The Lotion" was, but it was classed as poison
Or what "The Mixture" was?
We've been redecorating our bathroom for the longest time (as and when) and I have an old display cabinet bought at a vintage shop which I'm intending to paint and fill with all my lotions and potions, and I think some of these botttles would look great on display in the cabinet.  Will take some photos if I ever manage to get the cabinet finished this summer (typical rubbish British weather, grrr).

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