Sunday, 29 August 2010

Remainder of weekend

Whilst this weekend isn't really over with it being a Bank Holiday tomorrow, I plan on doing very little.

Goddaughter's now back home, but we had a fab weekend with her.  After the pictures yesterday afternoon we had an evening of movies from our collection.  She chose: The Lovely Bones (beautiful film), Alice in Wonderland (Tim Burton version - Goddaughter actually looks an awful lot like Mia Wasikowska (Alice) which was rather weird watching it with her) and Valentine's Day (enjoy films that are a collection of interwoven stories ).  We also had a really good takeaway (Chinese) which was completely polished off, yum, and finally got to bed about 1.30am (yawn).

Today we went to the local car boot sale since it wasn't raining when we got up.  Well, naturally, it rained whilst we were there, but we had fun anyway. 

Hubby found plenty of second-hand vinyl (Toyah, Propaganda, Musical Youth to name a few).  And I found a few soundtracks (St Elmo's Fire, Electric Dreams, Tommy, Living Daylights) and some Kim Wilde.  Just the vinyl there to tempt us this time.

We then spent the rest of the rainy afternoon watching more movies she chose - Labyrinth and Dance til Dawn, she'd never seen either and loved them (how could she not).

All in all a great weekend.  Looking forward to the next one with her.

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