Sunday, 22 August 2010

Saturday Night Cocktails

To celebrate hubby's birthday, we went into town last night with some friends, his brother and his wife and his sister.  We had a good night, despite the rain (again!), and some of us tried several new cocktails.

My favourite was a 'Honey Bear' made with manuka honey vodka, lime juice and ginger beer with lots of ice. It was sweet, but tasted lovely, and so honey-ish.  The wonderful Lush have a range of honey scented products including the bath ballistic 'Honey Bee' which smells fab, and my cocktail tasted just like that smells, if you see what I mean.

Honey Bear
Other cocktails enjoyed through the evening by the other ladies included:

Coconut margarita

Strawberry blonde - a big hit with one of the blokes too :)
(strawberry liquer, chocolate liquer and cream)
 And a bounty hunter (malibu, creme de cocoa, coconut syrup and milk).

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