Monday, 30 August 2010

Turkey Curry Flatbreads

Hubby made turkey curry flatbreads today. They're based on a recipe by Rachael Ray and are really good.  He has his with homemade salsa, I have mine with mango chutney.  They're not the best pictures below, but believe me, they taste good!

You can get the recipe on my 'Recipe' page. x


  1. oh my god! my mouth is watering!that looks so DELICIOUS! so awesome your hubby cooks! at least i get one meal cooked by the mister, breakfast!!! i am going to eat my boring lunch now :(


  2. They are soooo good. Hubby is a fab cook (he's such a sweetie as I loathe cooking, love baking) - he even makes my pack-up for work lunch to make sure I eat something! x


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