Thursday, 19 August 2010


Hubby is a vinyl junkie.  He's had his collection since his teens and loves nothing more than adding to his collection. 

He gets most of his vinyl from Rock A Boom, a fantastic record shop in Leicester (4 St Martin's Square) that I remember from my teens.  The guy who runs it is very knowledgable, will order stuff in for you if they haven't got it, and I can't recommend them enough.  It's like "High Fidelity" without the attitude!

Perhaps because of his influence, I collect soundtracks on vinyl, from musicals to movies, but especially 80s movies, though I get mine from ebay and car boot sales!

There's something rather special about them, a sort of beauty that cds just don't have - oh dear, sounds like I have the bug too, but then they are...

"Some Kind of Wonderful"
Sorry :) couldn't resist!


  1. wow your hubby and my hubby have the same obsession! he told me the other day that he would love to fill an entire wall with vinyl...which would look pretty cool...i LOVE listening to just sounds so much better :)


  2. You're right, the quality is sooo superior. Hubby's even loves the smell of vinyl (old or new), it's cool though & I'm definately into it too. He's halfway to the wall of vinyl, we have the large Ikea Expedit shelf unit on the top floor landing and it's only got one square left free! He's already planning where he'll spread to next! x


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