Monday, 16 August 2010


Last week I made a bag with some cute fabric I've had for ages, all ready for the essentials for Summer Sundae this past weekend.

Despite the fact that it didn’t work out exactly as I hoped (they never do) I’m still quite happy with it, considering I didn’t have a pattern to follow.

I also made a flower headband last Monday (courtesy of a pattern in Sew Hip) which turned out rather well (although I’m not sure it suits me, so it may become a pressie for someone).

With the football season re-starting last weekend it means that the crafting should start in earnest again now.

Hubby and I have been goldfish-sitting for the past couple weeks whilst family have been on their hols. It’s been nice having them here, they go nuts everytime we went in the room and I swear they watched the tv with us and tried to read my book over my shoulder. At least it certainly seemed so!

They were funny and we both miss them now they’ve gone home. Perhaps we’ll get some ourselves – seeming as we’ve had a large fishtank sitting empty in the garage for 13 odd years!!!

Bruce, or is it Basil??

Well – this past weekend was Summer Sundae, a weekend music festival held in and around Leicester’s De Montfort Hall. Hubby’s been going for several years, and in 2009 I joined him for the Sunday. This year I got to go to the whole weekend, yay!  We went with a couple of friends and we all had a fab time.

In typical British style, it all started off rather wet. Lots of showers on Friday, though we’d anticipated this and so had taken precautions (the homemade bag though was sadly unused as it would have been soaked.

By Saturday the rain was atrocious and we once again got a good soaking several times. Luckily most of the routes between the various stages are either tarmac’d or covered with boarding, but it was still very muddy!

Thankfully, Sunday was a lovely day, sunny and breazy and most of the water had soaked up.

Outstanding bands for me were Lissie, Slow Club, The Woodentops, We Show Up On Radar, Errors, Caribou, Eliza Doolittle and Laura Veirs.

Indoor stage - Spotlight Kid

Sunday evening - Main stage
Some fun stalls...

Great food ...

And even a knitting tent (although I didn't have time for that - too much music to hear)...

 The only sad thing about the weekend was that it clashed with Vintage at Goodwood, which I sooooo wanted to attend.  Get the feeling it'll continue to clash in years to come too :( so we'll have to see next year I guess) but looking forward to the next one.

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