Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Anniversary break

We're back from our long weekend away in Wales.

Still managed to spread the love...

Have continued with the lavender hearts whilst there

in progress
Also, made a sequinned heart hair grip for someone who really needs some cheering up right now

I also continued with the smiling at complete strangers (you get some funny looks sometimes, but on the whole, you get a smile back), and chatting to people behind shop counters rather than just thanking them.  Planting some more loving notes around the house tomorrow :)

Anyhoo, Hubby and I had a lovely 13th wedding anniversary, he laughed at the card I got him (in a good way)
googly-eyed owls :)
I caught a cold and we had only a couple of days of sunshine, but made the most of them and had a lovely time ...

Friday we went into Porthmadog for a wander, although still didn't manage to go on the Ffestiniog railway (hopefully next time):
Possibly the best view seen from a car park ?
lemon meringue pie for Hubby
chocolate cupcake with gold glitter for me :)
shopping for vinyl at Cob Records
watching the swans with their cygnets
Had a lovely 'anniversary' meal at the local Mexican restaurant thanks to Mum and Dad leaving us a voucher (they certainly know what we like), tacos for hubby and spicy beef enchiladas for me, yum.  Watched lots of films, including "Hot Tub Time Machine" - sooo funny and a good hark back to those 80s films I love.

After much rain, but lots of lovely relaxation, we got on the beach several times...

this dog spent 10 minutes chasing a crow - the crow knew what it was doing ... I couldn't stop laughing!

oh barnacles

spread the love x
I've been to beaches all over the world, but this beach is still my favourite.

Hope you all had a good week and weekend.  Looking forward to the next one. x


  1. great pictures!love the card too, super cute! the misters parents gave us one for our annibersay kinda similar to the one you gave the hubby. okay so the cupcake had edible gold glitter, COOL! that record store looks super awesome and i really want to go to the beach now!!! glad you had a great time and hope you are feeling better!!!


  2. Thanks hon, yes edible glitter, I hope :) I'm a sucker for anything with glitter! Must get some from the cookshop next time I go into town & sprinkle on everything :)
    Hope you have a wonderful 'honeymoon' too when you go. Feeling much better thanks x

  3. Hooray for your cute spread the love things!!! Also, looks like a nice anniversary!

  4. Thanks Melissa, and yes, fab anniversary. x


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