Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Architectural, houses

Here are some various architectural items and cute houses that caught my eye over the weekend, hope you like them...

love this bird's eye view turret-like living room

grand seafront houses in Southwold

love the rooftop, so much going on

beach huts in Southwold

cute shutters & balcony on the seafront

a huge B&B

lovely detail either side of a front door

I like the shape of this one, I bet the living room & bedroom are completely round

this amazing building at the end of the beach, entry is gained via a bridge,
 can apparently be hired (& there was a teddy in the window)

I love the colonial look of this house (& when the front door's open you can see all the way through)

this is a great pharmacy come apothecary

LOVE this huge house, so much going on style-wise

from the brickwork

to the front door & the detail on the pillars

this is a great art-deco-inspired great house with two viewing areas at the top 

gorgeous detail in the brick, rather hard to see here

cool portholes & upside down boat shape of roof

super cute ship weather vane
It's a great place to go if you ever get the chance. x


  1. Em, did you live here for a while?? Or just love to visit?? x

  2. my house is so boring compared to these.

  3. so's mine O. & I think mine's quite nice :) still it's fun to dream x


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