Monday, 20 September 2010

Autumn walk

Yesterday morning, hubby & I went for a lovely walk...

a small cache, but I'm still thrilled, I LOVE acorns and conkers

The council are actually trying to build over 350 houses right next to our wonderful walk & wood, which are full of wildlife.  Needless to say, NO-ONE in the village wants this & we're all trying to stop it from happening, fingers crossed. x


  1. That walking trail looks beautiful. I know people need places to live but I think you need a place that gorgeous to walk in! I hope they find somewhere else for a housing development.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. Thanks Kayla, it is lovely & where we live we have lots of developments that still sit empty, & no way of supporting a new huge development on our ONLY green bit :(

    fingers crossed we'll win x

  3. your walk looks so peaceful! do you know what type of trees those are, they are lovely. i really hope that they don't build there, that would infuriate me! oh i hope that someone can stop them!!

    the mister and i need to pick up our weekly walks again, i have been slacking...maybe this week!


  4. it's so lovely, & lots of dogs walked there which is always fun to see. There are some oaks, but I think most are a type of pine (there's a lot of needles covering the floor), they have very thin trunks.

    I love reading about your walks & seeing the photos, it always looks fun. Enjoy xx

  5. Aw, a lovely autumn walk, how fantastic!


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