Thursday, 9 September 2010

Cool stuff

Spent most of today at my Mum and Dad's. They left our large family home a couple years ago and downsized, but it took them a while to find a new home. Because of that they put tons of their stuff into storage and have finally had it all delivered to their house.

We're slowly helping them go through everything and decide whether to keep, us to have, or send to the charity shops. We've got 7 large boxes of photos to go through together and I can't wait to do that as I LOVE history and family, and have very few photos of me and family growing up. I've also seen a huge parcel of vintage postcards sent by my grandparents and parents in the 50s and 60s - they're definitely coming to me and perhaps I'll share some with you when I finally get them.

Anyway, today we brought back various cool things ...

"silver" tray with cool oriental 'willow' pattern
Soooo cool - if we can get it going, wonder what we'll hear???

Can't wait to get this going - how cool will that be!

classic 80's polaroid
the next step in the mid-late 80's
vintage looking map of west indies (looks better than in pic)
An early school craft project (age 11) - the pineapple's cool
Not a bad haul, we also got some more vinyl, some singles from the 80's and a lot of my Dad's Tijuana brass!  Hubby and I plan on trying to get the open-reel tape deck and the super 8 movie camera working so can't wait to see what we can do with them.
The polaroids still work, but we need to get some new film for them.  We're also on the look out for all the tapes that we filmed with the late 80's video camera - from holidays abroad, family outings, school end of terms and horseshows (mine).  Can't wait!  But must as we haven't found them yet :)
We've also come across various vintage magazines circa 1968 and I plan on doing a few blogs on some of the fun fashions and adverts in them.
Certainly spread the love with the parents today and looking forward to the next sorting out day. x


  1. that sounds like soo much fun! i love looking at our old family stuff! there are some pretty sweet cameras! and that movie camera!?!?! does it work? that would probably take really great videos!

    your dad was in bike competitions? that is way cool!!!


  2. it's great, isn't it. Going to have a play with it tomorrow and see what we need to do (get tape, get it fixed), but hope we can get it working as you're right, would really look cool!

    Dad - yes, he was a constant biker when he was young (he's now 77) winning long and short distance competitions and going on very long rides with his Dad. The one to Land's End in a few days sounds amazing. I'll try to post about it once I've got some of those postcards so you can hear about it :) xx

  3. Ooh, very nice! I especially love your childhood pineapple creation, so fun.

  4. Thanks Melissa, I especially love the pineapple. x


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