Monday, 13 September 2010

Home vintage

Hey, hope you've had a good day.  Monday's for me are cleaning days: house, bedding and ironing, etc.  Whilst I was doing my chores today I decided to blog about some of the (mostly vintage) items around the house that I love to look at, and although nothing is worth anything moneywise, sentimentally they're priceless.
Grandma's clock (with Winchester chimes) - just like being a child again
I found these gorgeous crystal candlesticks in a large vintage shop – they were filthy & had some of their droplets removed as the wiring had broken, but I saw I could fix them with an earring wire and they cleaned up beautifully. The photo doesn’t do them justice, they really are stunning and only cost £18.

A small collection of guilloche: a clothes brush and mirror, from the same shop as the crystal candlesticks, glass jar and small glass bottle...

A small pink pot with yellow rose from the 50’s – from my mum

Lovely painted pomander – again, was my mum’s, it still smells lovely of lavender and something slightly spicy

Deep blue bird plant pot – from my mum

This large tureen (?) was used by my parents as a fruit bowl, Mum took it to the charity shop before asking me first if I wanted it, so she had to go back and pay £10 for it!

Mum’s jam spoon, with a beautiful mother of pearl handle

Green Sylvac vase – a recent find early this year – I love this (you can often find these and their creamy cousins on ebay)

And a white sylvac-style vase – recently rescued from my Mum’s old flower-arranging collection, before they went to the charity shop :)

A Janicotte print of Paris in the 50’s – hubby and I adore this

Chinoiserie cocktail cabinet, it has the wrong handles on it, and we’re always on the lookout for nicer ones. We’ve seen a bookcase and a chest of drawers with similar oriental pattern, definitely part of a set, but sadly never been able to purchase them.

Two gorgeous glass lightshades, from my parents (from our family home) – they’re both from the 1920’s/30’s

this one has a Lalique style look to it I think
And here are a few things that aren’t really vintage, but evoke it I think and they're pretty so …

My birdcage from Hong Kong – from when they still had the Bird Market back in 1994

Mask we brought back from Singapore – love him

Monaco poster – I saw this as a teenager and hunted it down years later as I loved it that much

Breakfast at Tiffany’s (LOVE Audrey Hepburn, tho who doesn’t) poster which in our first house sat in our kitchen by the dining table. It’ll go into our kitchen in our current house once we’ve redone the room

Chandelier in the living room – a gift from my parents from our family home

you can't see here but it really sparkles
Oriental lamps – two lovely lamp bases, again from mum

Somewhere in the loft I also have some crockery that belong to my Grandma, it’s lovely, nothing fine, quite chunky yellow and green, but absolutely lovely with a couple of tureens too. I’ll take some photos the next time we have a sort out.

What are your favourite things around your house?


  1. wow these finds are amazing!!! your house looks great!!!


  2. thanks cb, (& thanks mum for her fab things :)
    thanks - the house is very much a work in progress, we're getting there (very slowly) x

  3. You have a beautiful house! All those finds are really amazing!

  4. thanks myowlbarn, I'm always on the lookout for lovely things :) x

  5. You have an impressive collection of vintage pieces!

  6. Thanks Melissa, just can't help myself when I see vintage (or anything of my Mum's too)! x

  7. Hi I am an antique dealer and I have a set of four Janicotte hand colored lithographs of Paris scenes including the Grande Opera house, Eiffel Tower and the cathedral of Notre Dame if you would be interested in these items please contact me at I also have original art deco posters by the artist Dudovich, which would go well with your decor and taste.


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