Sunday, 12 September 2010

Jam, jam, jam / chilli and meatballs

Yesterday I used half of the plums and made the jam.  I started about 16.30 and didn't completely finish until 21.00 - phew!  It's been a while since I made jam and forgot how patient you have to be (I even phoned my mum to reassure myself I was correct) :)

5kg of plums, ready to cook

ready for skimming
It was sooo worth it though.  We now have 30 jars of jam, which according to hubby who had it on toast this morning, is delicious (he forgot to take a picture for me though).

lovely deep golden colour
If you want to have a go, see my recipe page.  Some of these jars of jam are staying in our cupboard, but some will be going to our neighbours and parents.  They really will be able to 'spread' the love (on toast?).

Today, hubby has been cooking, and I've been keeping him in cups of tea & doing the washing up. 

He's made a huge batch of chilli - so delicious and the recipe on the recipe page - and also several batches of meatballs in tomato sauce.  The meatballs and tomato sauce recipes are from Jaimie Oliver's first book "the naked chef" and they're still the best ones we've found.  The pictures below do NOT look good, but please believe me, they are!

chilli con carne - tastes really good (better than pic)
huge pot of tomato sauce
meatballs in sauce
and into the freezer they go
It means that we have proper dinners when we haven't got time to do something from scratch.  Spaghetti with the meatballs, and brown rice with the chilli - yum.

It's been a sunny & windy day today, so I've gotten lots of washing done too, though sadly no crafting (maybe tomorrow).

Hope you had a productive & fun weekend too. x


  1. oh my god that chili and meatballs looks sooo freakin yummy!!!!!!! i wish there was a way to taste food over the internet...that would be CRAZY! the mister also makes some great meatballs.. hmm maybe i should tell him to make me some...meatball sandwiches, YUM!

    what a great idea though to make a HUGE batch and then freeze it for later...safes lots of time for the future...might think about doing that more....

    oh that the jam looks yummy too, i have never had plum jam before maybe they have some at the store but i am sure it wont be as yummy as yours!


  2. :) thanks cb, I wish you could too, some of the lovely things you see. Ummmm meatball subs, yum, hope the mister makes some for you.

    The jam's going down well with everyone so far, I'm not really fond of plums, but even I like it - although as hubby says, anything tastes good with several bags of sugar! x


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