Monday, 20 September 2010

Koalas galore!

Especially for cb at the citybirds nest, and all others who love koalas. 

These are photos we took at the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary in Brisbane, late 2008.  Some people believe that the eucalyptus makes them 'high' which is why they're so sleepy, but apparently it's because of their digestive systems, everything's really hard for them, poor koalas.

There was actually a section of a slightly different species of koala that apparently a bit more active.  We couldn't stop giggling at this, because we were imagining them all having a rave at night, like "party koalas"!  They certainly didn't seem more active :)

mother & baby
soooo cute
this one (& the next couple) were the most awake
this one is a male - you can tell because of the patch on his chest, it's a pheramone gland I think
yoga for koalas, what a lovely stretch
they have nice big bottoms - just right for getting a comfy position
not a koala, but cute, none the less
these parrots were everywhere, and soooo gorgeous

I hope you enjoyed all those koalas, we certainly did, it was a fantastic place that really put the koalas needs first.  It was soooo hot and very smelly, but I'd certainly recommend a visit if you are ever in Brisbane. x


  1. OMG god you are AMAZING! i LOVED this POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you just totally made my great day EVEN BETTER!!!!!!! thanks! i love koals they are soo darn cute. my mom used to call me a koala because i slept so much heheh and i always that my nose kinda looked like a koala nose too :D i would LOVE to visit this sanctuary, it looks amazing! i would love to pet one but they can be a bit nasty...don't blame them really i wouldn't want some stranger to touch me after i just woke up from a nap! i wish i had pictures of my room so you could see i kinda koala krazy i was!!!


  2. bless you :) you're so welcome, & how cute that was your nickname (& the reasons why). so pleased you liked it x

    My favourite teddy as a little one was a small koala, I tried to find him today to include him in the post, but I can't find him :( so I'll have to hunt him down. We didn't hold them at the sanctuary but apparently they're really heavy. xx


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