Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Owls, owls and more owls

More things I like, in this case lots of lovely owls…

cosies by Ulster weavers
cushions by lilac coast
brooch by folly and glee
paperweights by the contemporary home

personalised mugs by Disco butterfly

kate garey

night light by white rabbit england
earrings by elly mental
autumn brooch  by Teasmade
Owl cookie jar by MidMod
tea towel by two little birdies

gorgeous prints by LoveSugar

super cute handmade hats by tinytangerines
owl items from persnickertypelican
pdf scrapbooking items from megspapercrafts
lovely locket by uniqueartpendant

and finally, MY OWL from my Nan, I've had him for 30-odd years, he's at least a foot in height and lovely...


  1. Oh my gosh, everything is so adorable!

  2. Hi O. thanks so much for being a follower, & they are sooo cute :) x

    Em, I know, how can we resist owls, I want everything! x

  3. Oh my goodness!!! BEST POST EVER!!! I especially love that adorable "My Heart Belongs To You" print -- might forward that to my boyfriend as a future gift idea, hehe.

  4. pleased you liked it, I LOVE LoveSugar's owl prints, they're so gorgeous - hope boyfriend gets the hint :) x

  5. all this owls are amazing but i am a little biased as my favorite is my sister-in-laws owl hat!!!!!!!! she is sooo amazing at what she does, so so envious of her skills!


  6. I had no idea it was your sister-in-law, how funny! She's fabulous, LOVE her crafts. x


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