Saturday, 18 September 2010

Pencil earrings & Australian items

Another package arrived today, this time it was my earrings from HuiYi Tan at folksy.  I love the original idea and design of the earrings (made out of pencils).  They're super cute but I've decided to give them to my niece as a Christmas pressie as sadly they just don't suit me (don't you just hate it when that happens).

I've also been given a few more things from my Mum :)  these are some items she bought back in 1990 during their first trip to Australia...

I always loved this Aboriginal print silk scarf, I'm so pleased to finally have it

these are some of my favourite colours & so right for Autumn

linen tea towel

too nice to use ?

As we learned when we were in Australia, every piece of Aboriginal art has a story & represents something.  I wonder what these say?

Other than 'I need ironing' :) x


  1. oh poo those earrings are soo cute but i am sure your niece will love them! those australian textiles are amazing! i have always wanted to go to see koalas in the live! they were one of my favorite animals growing up!


  2. I know, but it happens & yes, she'll love them.

    We went to the Koala sanctuary when we were in Brisbane in 2008 - they are so lovely, & sleepy (but rather smelly bless them). Will post some pics for you tomorrow. x


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