Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Spread the Love - day 3

Day 3 and back to work today, but managed to spread the love

Took some co-workers out for lunch as a thank you for all their help and friendship and had a fab time - it won't be the last time we go out for lunch in the working week!
Complimented several colleagues and got lovely smiles in return, and made a special effort to ask a colleague who isn't a fan of mine (NO idea why) about her recent holiday.

Even smiled at not-so-considerate drivers on the commute :)

Planning on leaving little love notes for my hubby to find around the house.

And tomorrow after work I'm taking hubby away for the weekend as it's our 13th wedding anniversary on Monday. Will be trying to continue to spread the love whilst we're away. x


  1. Aw, what kind things to do for your coworkers! Can't wait to hear your hubby's response to the love notes, that's adorable!!!


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