Friday, 17 September 2010

Vintage clothing

In the ongoing saga that is my parents sorting out their posessions from storage.  I came home yesterday to find a large suitcase in my hallway.  I've had a look through today and had a great time reminiscing, it is full of clothing, some mine and some vintage clothing of Mum's - the photos below aren't great & the clothing look so much better than here, but I don't know many people small enough to model these for me ...

my school blazer - I spent 15 years in various ones of these (wh charcoal grey skirt & pale yellow blouse)
Yep - a boater for Summer & a Bowler, later replaced by a cord beret, for Winter
My first ballgown at age 15 - I still LOVE this, black velvet and coppery brown taffeta (if only I was still this size - as if!!!)

A tiny suit jacket of my Mum's from the early 60's

You can't tell from the picture but this skirt is soooo tiny

Again, Mum's from the early 60's, she actually had tea with Rolf Harris in this
I love this suit with it's slighly pleated skirt and beautifully cut jacket - I used to wear this in my late teens
lovely detail on the jacket
Another one of Mum's - a crepe wrap dress from Frank Usher
lovely shoulder rouching - it says it's a 36, but it's tiny again
Mum made this full skirt herself in the 1950's, I used to wear this as a teenager
This is a black wool "cape" with gold & black buttons of Mum's from the 70's that I used to wear in the Winter -
it's now back into my wardrobe :)
I also have a huge clothing box full of Mum's evening wear from the 50's onwards, I will have to get it out of the loft and have a scout through that too. x


  1. Ooh, I love all of those! :)

  2. They're great aren't they :) just wish they still fit me (oh to be 19 again!!!) x

  3. those are great!!!! i love all of it! maybe try selling them? so so cute and i LOVE that skirt!


  4. :) thanks cb, may do. They're yummy (except the uniform, but still...) x


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