Friday, 10 September 2010

Vintage magazines - part 1

In the big clear out that my parents are having, my mum found a box of old magazines she’d saved from 1968/69. Some have hilarious adverts and others, fun fashion. I plan on sharing some of the more interesting ones with you.

So here we go…

most of the fashions in the catalogue could transfer to today

check out the 'casual' poses!

Some lovely things to make in here ;)

who knew going blonde made the world 'super'?
Yes, that's right, 'your daily help' - wine, just to get you through the day!

Yes, that's right, you'd actually win an Old English Sheepdog (!)
and a brace of pheasants (not sure if they're live pheasants?) - possibly the oddest prizes
Funny!  Got a few more for next time from movie magazines. x


  1. these are great! do you have any plans for them? could make a cool art project :D

    have a fabulous weekend sweetie!


  2. Mum's shipped them off to an old friend who works in fashion. Have got few others though which I'll post about tomorrow so will have to think of something to do with them.
    Thanks hun, you too xx

  3. The "casual" poses of the men in sweaters is my favorite!

  4. They are funny aren't they... what good models they used to have, hee hee. x


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