Sunday, 12 September 2010

Vintage magazines - part 2

Continuing with last weeks taster of my mum's 1968 magazines, here are some more for you:

I'd be amazed if anyone was adopted with this advice - yikes!!!

ah, hankerchiefs, do you remember these - he certainly looks happy

cute, though not sure about the hat

In addition to my mum’s collection of vintage magazines, I have a few that my dad passed to me when I was a teenager. I have some vintage playbills, which way back when, you used to be able to purchase on your trip to the cinema (just like the theatre). There’s My Fair Lady, Lawrence of Arabia and Cleopatra.

He also gave me a couple of old movie magazines, a photoplay from 1968 and a Film Review from 1954.

I love the ‘complaint’ on the letters page – sadly, in my experience, this is still true today.

And the fashion article that could have been written recently it’s still applicable (classics never go out of style)

More next week... x


  1. wow magazines where weird back then...can astrology help with adoption? what?!? is that what our magazines are gonna be like in the future? maybe i should save a few too, kinda like a time capsule...


  2. I know, weird huh? I couldn't quite believe the comments about adoption - very odd. But yes, I think in 40 years, perhaps some of ours will seem odd, good idea about a time capsule - it's always cool just to remind yourself of these things. x

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Love the vintage magazines - so fun! Have a great day!

    Mandy @ This Girl's Life

  4. Thanks Mandy, love your blog. x


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