Saturday, 18 September 2010

Vintage magazines - part 3

Some more adverts from the previously mentioned magazines, Woman, photoplay, Film Review,
et al 
check out the fab early 1950's dresses

How to get the body you want (apparently)

Gaiety IS great - 'exciting' flavours, Vanilla & Strawberry, Neopolitan or Chocopolitan -
well I guess they were exciting in the early 50's

If only it was that easy to lose weight!

Or, if you need to add a few pounds (I know a couple of people who could do with this! :) )

Ideal for motoring (???)

What fun!  I wonder if other people will feel the same way about the ads we have these days for cosmetics & the like in about 50 years - probably. x


  1. Great post. I love looking at vintage ads. xo style, she wrote

  2. Ooh, vintage advertisements are so interesting!

  3. thanks ladies, they are fun aren't they. x


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