Sunday, 19 September 2010

Vintage photos - part 1

Still helping mum and dad with sorting out their possessions, we’ve started on the photographs – they have 8 large plastic boxes full of them (& counting)!

As you know, I LOVE vintage, and especially love old photos.

Here are my (sadly no longer with us) Grandma and Poppa on their wedding day in 1936 (I think)

Doesn’t she look glamourous – her dress was hand sewn by her father who was a tailor (for the King’s family) unfortunately my mum has no idea what happened to Grandma’s dress.

My grandpa didn’t change much over the years; as it was so broken he could push his nose over to the side of his face, which he did with glee when I was little as it made me scream in horror every time.

Cecil (Poppa to me)
Poppa had a smallholding where he had several huge polytunnels where he grew and sold delicious veg - all the mum's from my school went there.  My brother and I liked nothing more but helping ourselves to some tomatoes, sucking out all the seeds & juice & throwing the skins onto the train embankment next door.  Whenever I smell tomatoes (the way they should smell) it takes me straight back.

He entered many County competitions and won repeatedly (these pics are from 1967 but he was still winning into the 1980's), especially for his onions...

1st prize at the County Show in 1967

With my Aunt (& cousin), my Mum (looking gorgeous) & his 1st prize-winning Gladiolis, again in 1967

These onions really are huge – don't see them this size in the shops!

in their garden in the late 70's

I loved them to bits and still miss them some 23 years on, it's wonderful to have these pics of them.

More to come in the next few weeks. x


  1. both your grand parents look amazing! i love looking at old family pictures! we have some of the misters family from hawaii and the pictures are soo funny to look at because they are in a tropical setting and they are wearing soo much clothes!

    hope you share more!


  2. thanks cb, and how funny. :)

    can't wait to share the ones of my mum & dad - very glam. x

  3. I just love looking at my family's old photos!

  4. it's great, isn't it, just makes you smile. x


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