Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Work day, dinner for one & photo inspiration

Sadly today was one of those days that sucked, until I got home. 

I'm an Admin Officer and find that when I'm away the work just gets left & piled up on my desk.  So after that lovely week off of relaxing and spending quality time with hubby, within 5 minutes I was super stressed, basically a day full of no help, silly questions and bad deadlines.  Still, got tons done and I'm sure tomorrow will be better :)

Hubby's gone off to see his football team so it was dinner for one tonight, had the first batch of meatballs hubby made at the weekend, and yes, they were delicious (and yes, I made too much spaghetti)...

As it was such a rubbish day, I decided to make a list of things that make me happy and I've put it as a new page.  I also had a gander at some photos to cheer myself up, here are a few that made me smile...

that's me at 5 or 6 - I sure looks comfy

me as a ladybird - for a dancing show

hubby, love the bobble hat :)

and in his scouting uniform :)

our wedding day x

Singapore street food market - I can almost smell it

I'd love to live in this house in the mountains! (our trip to Austria)

This pic is one of my (sadly no longer with us) cats - Chaplin, so called as she had a tiny mustache like Charlie Chaplin.  She used to lie by the Aga (which was always on) warming here toes, and sometimes sniffing the doors - there was no food in there, I think maybe she was getting slightly high on the gas? Sooo cute to watch bless her.
Ginger - was VERY skittish, but gorgeous, a real tiger
Mouse - because she was such a good mouser
I miss them, but it makes me smile to think of them.

There, all cheered up now :) Hope you all had a good day. x


  1. oh you poor thing! i HATE coming back to work and there is TONS to do! i have that to look forward to in two weeks when me and the mister FINALLY take our honeymoon! i hope you are feeling better! it is lunch time and the meatball & spaghetti looks SOO YUMMY! you and the hubby are soo cute and your kitties!! oh they are cute! i am sorry to hear about chaplin, he looked precious and what a beautiful coat! i love making list of things i love, it helps balance out and take over the crummy things and makes you forget them too because they are not important like the things you love! tomorrow will be better!


  2. thanks for the lovely comments cb, reading your comments always cheers me up too x. I miss my cats dreadfully, I'm still working on hubby to get another...

    Where are you and the mister going for your belated honeymoon? Hope it's wonderful for you both (& work's not too bad when you get back!)

    And yes, tomorrow will be better, have a lovely afternoon, I'm off to bed for CSI Miami :) xxxxxxx


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