Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Beautiful skies & a Halloween table

We've had some very beautiful skies today.  It's very cold, but it's rained hard on and off all day.  I managed to get this picture as the sun was setting - it was a strange light, and the same as this morning, although the pic doesn't really do it justice.  I think it's beautiful...

On a completely different note, secretly loves pink's posted about her (amazing) Halloween decorations at work.  We have a Halloween table in our department at work, although it's not a patch on O.'s.

It's difficult to get a pic of it looking good as people are forever putting on the headbands, hats, etc. We also have a mat on the floor which cackles each time anyone steps on it (aaaaagh, drives you mad after a while) and our coat stand is dressed up as a witch - it fools me every morning when I get to the office!

Do you have any Halloween decorations at work? x


  1. that picture is beautiful! a picture those is never as good as the real thing though. it rained on sunday boo...a bit too early for it to rain if you ask me!

    i wish my job was fun but my bosses have their heads up you know what?!?!? hehe. this time of year should be fun but we are suppose to be "professional" oh well. i will dress up in halloween colors next friday as we can't dress up either :( BOOOOOOOO!!!!

    oh and thanks for the wonderful comment on today's post. my mom is also an artist! if it wasn't for her then we wouldn't be who we are today...i am so thankful for her...i would be lost without it!


  2. thanks for the lovely comments cb, esp about your mum, that's lovely to hear - they really are amazing aren't they (even when they're driving you crazy :) ). x

    Although I don't like or enjoy my job, the people (mostly ladies) I work with are good people and my Manager is such a lovely person - she really cares, but we also have a laugh & that table is all her - we have a table at Christmas and Easter too, so will have to remember to photo them too :) xx

  3. Wow, that is indeed a beautiful sky! Perfection!


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