Thursday, 28 October 2010

Black & White

Oh no! According to the Alan Titchmarsh show (and the RSPCA)  no-one wants black and white cats!  How can this be true???

Alan had two adult cats and about 5 kittens on the show, soooo cute!  How could anyone say no to them?

bella & jacob - need a home

fern & holly - also need a home

I LOVE black and white cats, as a child my favourite animals were pandas – mainly because they were black and white - and my first cat was a black & white called "Panda", after which the majority of my (many, many, MANY) cats over the years have been black and white - one giant black & white cat family basically.

Who wouldn't want these cuties! x


  1. they are so cute! that is odd, i LOVE tuxedo kitties! their little faces are just to die for!!!


  2. black and white kitties are too cute!!! AND such classic colors too:)

    luv, gina
    ps-would luv to be your pen pal across the water if you would like. email me your addy. (no pressure)

  3. Wish I could help!!!! Sooo cute, I can't stand it! My first cat was black and white.
    velvet cupcakes

  4. They are so gorgeous aren't they, hopefully after yesterday's news exposure more people will want them. x

    Gina - I've emailed you x


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