Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Busy week and something for Mum

Phew, it's only Tuesday, but I'm exhausted already :)

Hubby's trying to fight off a nasty headache/cold bless him, and I've had a mad busy couple of days and the rest of the week is looking similar.

Still, when I was helping Mum sort out her Cruise wardrobe at the weekend, she asked for some help.  One of the ball's they (have to) attend will be a 'Black and White Ball'.  She's got a great long black dress that she can use for all the balls, and a little black silky jacket to go over the top, but no white.

Seeing Mum in her dress I was reminded of one of my all-time favourite films - Now, Voyager with Bette Davis. If you haven't seen it I would heartily recommend it, it's a truly beautiful empowering love story but certainly not a normal love story.  Bett's character, Charlotte Vale, is sent a beautiful corsage of gardenias by her friend and lover played by Paul Henreid.  I thought something like that would look lovely.

Now, Voyager [1942]

So, today I've started to try to make Mum a corsage made from felt, inspired by Charlotte's corsage.

Here it is so far, hopefully I'll have it finished tomorrow.

Oh, and I couldn't not add a couple of butterflies as my Mum is obsessed with them. What do you think??? x


  1. wow that is soooo pretty! i love it! that would make such a cute brooch or headband too!!!! you such beautiful work!! your mom is soo lucky to have a daughter like you! their vacation sounds like fun too.

    i missed you too and it was soo nice to follow up on everyones blogs for the past week.

    we stayed a the mayan palace resort and spa! it was fantastic!


  2. thank you, that's lovely to hear :)

    I'm really lucky too, I have wonderful parents and I love them so much. They retired some years ago now and have spent most of the last 3 years going round the world in various ways - they've been having so much fun & they so deserve it after working so hard bless them.

    thanks for letting me know where it was - it looks gorgeous. x


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