Monday, 11 October 2010

Fabric galore

We brought back 3 large boxes from my Mum's at the weekend - all full of her quilting fabrics.  Some years ago, my Mum caught the quilting bug and for many years was always in the middle of one project or another. However, she hasn't done any for years and has left me to keep these boxes for her.

I had a good look through them yesterday, and had so much fun - there's so much yummy stuff in there.  I'm especially in love with all the lovely Christmas fabrics - I've just got to think of some projects to do now. 

I also found this wonderful crocheted sombrero, which is actually a needle holder - it's a keeper

some lovely fabrics


There are a few projects...


a couple of aprons

And look at all these fantastic Christmas fabrics...



This Christmas tree fabric is so cool, the pics don't really show how it shimmers


Two snowmen waiting to be turned into something

I also found a very early sewing project of mine from school, another needle case

And I LOVE LOVE LOVE this Elephant batik from one of our trips to The Gambia

Not sure what I'm going to make from the gorgeous Elephants yet. 

Any suggestions for Christmas crafts from all that lovely fabric? x


  1. great stuff! and love that elephant fabric!! hmm not sure what you should make out of that...maybe one of those slouchy shoulder bagss...basically a sack i guess...i have one from palestine that my friend brought back for me and i love it!

    bunting would be a fun way to use that christmas fabric...or small bunting for christmas trees!!

    have lots of fun!!


  2. thanks cb, great ideas for the fabric - def a slouchy bag, I think I have a pattern, great idea. And what a fab idea for bunting, would never have thought of that! I'll have to get to it! x

  3. how fun is all that fabric. i'm sure you will find lots of projects to use them for, especially the christmas stuff.

  4. thanks ladies, I can't wait to start using them all :) x


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