Thursday, 7 October 2010


Not much time today sadly, Mum's corsage to finish & soooo much work-work to do...

Still, had to share my dinner tonight, falafel - I LOVE falafel.  Hubby makes awesome falafel & homemade hummus (I'll share the recipe next time he makes it), but tonight was a quick buy from Waitrose (great UK grocery store).

Instead of the usual plain ones I tried the sweet potato ones which have carrots, raisins (good ones) & more spices in them.  We also used a Moroccan hummus instead of plain.  What can I say - WOW, soooo much flavour and so good with a chilli sauce.

I'm off to have a nice quiet evening with Hubby (yay no footy for once) watching Laurel & Hardy!  I've also got some new magazines & even a Christmas (yes, I know it's too early) one to read, yay.

Enjoy your Thursday evening, whatever you're doing. See you tomorrow - with more interesting news I hope :)  x


  1. it is lunch time over here and i am famished! i am sooo jealous of your dinner, i LOVE falafel too! there is a falafel truck by work and she makes the yummiest falafels i have ever had....i think it is time to step out and have my sad salad :( boo!

    have a wonderful and relaxing evening!!


  2. thanks cb, it was a lovely relaxing one! And falafel is SOOOO good, how cool to have some near work - will def share hubby's recipe & photos when he next makes some (soon I think) :) x

  3. Yum, falafel is so good, never thought to get it frozen!

  4. It freezes really well, doesn't change it, still soooo good. x


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