Saturday, 30 October 2010

Halloween Parties

From as early as I can remember I wanted to be a good witch who could fly and do magic.

Growing up watching Bewitched and Bedknobs and Broomsticks - Bedknobs and Broomsticks made me want a brass bed with round finials that would come off, just like the movie.  Well, I eventually got such a bed, although sadly it’s yet to fly ;)

I mostly loved the idea of being able to fly, preferably by broomstick.  As a very small girl I used to have a recurring dream of flying down the stairs of our house.  In fact, I’m convinced I did once, I'm not mad - I like to think I did, although sadly it was probably that we used to jump off the stairs onto a matress at the bottom – sooo not a good idea :)

Anyway, EVERY Halloween I wanted to dress up as a witch & Mum would let me.  I only got to Trick or Treat once though, at a friend’s house, however we did throw the odd party for our school friends when we were little. 

This is my brother and me before one such party – so cute (if I do say so myself)…

I'm actually wearing a crepe tunic with gold & silver embroidery that my Mum used to wear with trousers in the 60's - wish I still had it!

In the 1993 my Dad took me to a Halloween party as my Mum couldn’t go.  We had so much fun, dressing up (him as a gangster, sort of, bless him). We had some fun games – including "guess the baby photo".  No-one guessed me correctly, they all thought my photo was of the blonde man who was there!  

still got this outfit - made from two gauzy nightgowns & some trim; and my Mum's fab cape

Back in 2001 (gosh what a long time ago) I decided to throw a Halloween party for our friends.  We had pumpkins and squash’s in all the windows, we all dressed up (witch again, naturally) and we made Halloween themed food.  We made a pumpkin shaped chocolate cake, witches fingers, cemetery spikes, ghost lollies, Halloween-shaped pastries and so much more.  

I learned heavily on Martha Stewart's Halloween book for the following inspiration - and these are still available on her website via the links below the photos:

the great pumpkin cake
white chocolate ghosts

I also made some pumpkin sweetie pouches

pumpkin pouches
Not sure who had more fun, our friends’ girls, or us!  For some bizarre reason we didn't take ANY photos - BIG mistake!

Hope you have a fabulously spooky Halloween whatever you're doing. x 


  1. who doesn't want to be a good witch! i still do! oh and bedknobs and broom sticks! LOVED that movie so much!!! you look awesome in that costume! when you have a good one never throw it away! the one i bought already died :(


  2. I still wake up hoping :)
    thanks sweetie, love your photos. x


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