Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Help please - keepsake

Hi ladies, I'm going to ask for some advice please.

In amongst all the photos I'm discovering I've also come across a huge number of vintage postcards - some never sent, but the best ones are of course those with a story on the back.

I'd like to have these in an album, but one where you can see both sides of the postcard, I may have found something for these at WHSmith, although I need to check you can see through the pockets, I think I'll just buy the inserts and get a nicer album I think.
What I need your help with is this...   my Dad was in the RAF for his National Service for 2 years, and for 9 months he was stationed in what was then Rhodesia.  He kept a wonderful photo album of his time there and I LOVE it so much, it's amazing.  He's also got a plethora of ephemera from that time - wagon lit tickets, receipts, maps, newspaper cuttings, etc.  I'd really like to make a keepsake of these for him  (and eventually me) for Christmas of all these things, but obviously don't want to just glue them into an album as all glue I've ever seen either destroys things, or wears off, also a self-adhesive album is not ideal as these yellow.

Do any of you have any suggestions of what I could use to make a lovely album for him that will preserve these precious things - and perhaps where I might find such things????

Thanks for any suggestions you may have - I'll look forward to showing you the finished results once I can get this done. x


  1. hhmmm...what about getting those corner holders? you stick those to the page and the pictures or tickets just get inserted in them, plus it looks vintage and i think is super cute! that way you don't have to destroy his collection...i think you should be able to find them at scrap booking stores or craft stores...that is all i have for now. it i think of anything i will let you know!


  2. thanks cb, do you mean photo corners??? In which case, I have some, although they're clear, Dad's album has cute vintage silver ones which'd be nice - I never thought of using them for that, great idea, thanks :) xx

  3. have you checked any scrapbooking website? they may have some good ideas for preserving such precious photos. I really like Two Peas in a Bucket and they have tons of products as well as tutorials on how to do things. You should check it out and see if there is anything on that site that may be of assistance to you. I am sorry that I can't be of more help. I'm not much of a scrapbooker. :(

    But! It is a fantastic gift idea and one that your father would adore for sure:)

    ps-thanks so much for your amazing comment on my blog. It made my day. It is so hard to find anyone who can identify with the thought (GASP!) of perhaps being content with out little one's. My mom pressures me so much to have kids and it just pushes me further away from the idea...

  4. thanks Gina, great suggestion, will have a look at the website toute suite! I've never undertaken something like this, but the things are so precious I want to get it right first time :)

    You're so welcome - I have the same problem, I'm 35 and I still don't feel that urge to have kids, it's just not there, & it's so horrid when family, friends, even complete strangers act as though there's something wrong with just wanting it to be the two of you & are always asking when! It's YOUR life! xx

  5. I love working on projects like this. :) I made a shadowbox of keepsakes from my Grandpa, and plan on doing the same for my Grandaddy. My first thought about having all of those small keepsakes was to purchase some of the divided page protectors so you can put them in separate little pockets. You could cut out patterned paper for each pocket (almost like little layouts of their own). Ali Edwards is great at albums like that - have you checked out her blog before?

  6. thanks for the suggestions Mandy. I've not seen Ali's blog, will check it out. x


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