Friday, 22 October 2010

I LOVE my Radiator!

Yes, that's correct, I LOVE my radiator!!!  Odd perhaps, but we've been without heat since the cold weather started last month (and believe me, in a house with 10ft high ceilings, it's always cold in here) and today we finally had our bathroom raditor fitted, other issues resolved, and yay the heating is now on! 

We started decorating our bathroom a year & half ago, nothing was a simple job, and in typical fashion we've still got small bits and pieces to do (and the huge job of sanding & finishing the floor, yuk).

Each time we do a room we replace the cheap modern radiators with new, old-fashioned-looking ones.

I'm also still totally in love with the wallpaper too & can't stop looking at it ..... perhaps I need to get out more ;)

Speaking of which, tomorrow we're off to a Vintage Fair in town, hoping they've got some cool home/gift things as well as clothing, I hear they have cupcakes too!

Vintage fair

Enjoy your weekend. x


  1. your radiator IS really cute!! i hated ours when we lived in the didn't work and the paint was all chipped on it. they actually make these really cute radiator covers that if we stayed there longer i would have gotten.


  2. thanks cb, I detest all the horrid old ones here, and as you can see, I get very happy when we replace them :) x


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