Sunday, 10 October 2010

Lazy Sundays

It's been a gorgeous sunny day today, which has made a lovely change from all the recent rain & greyness.  A trip to the garden centre was in store for this morning & we came home with lots of pansys.

My favourite thing about the whole trip though was this...

So cute & doesn't he look comfy.  He's sitting on bags of bulbs, purring - noone was getting to them :)

Oh, and lots of succulents for me to drool over too...

Then back home there was a bit of cutting back to do in the garden - the buddleia's gone for the year & the lavender is all harvested and drying well; and I picked a small glut of apples for the week - they're so delicious...

Then this afternoon, we've done nothing but laze, watching old, funny movies and snoozed with the french doors open in the sunshine - absolute bliss.  What have you done with your Sunday? x


  1. oh that kitty is soo silly i love black and white cats! and oh those succulents are amazing...i have some i still need to plant, thank god they are so hardy they have been sitting in a bag for a month!..eek!


  2. he's gorgeous - I wanted to take him home! Oops, I think they thrive on neglect though, which is a great thing :) x


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