Friday, 8 October 2010

More cool stuff

I had a lovely start to my Friday today.  Decided instead of running around doing chores, I was going to take it easy for a couple of hours, so I stayed in bed when I woke up, watched Mansfield Park and finished Mum's corsage. 

I think it turned out well, and Mum was so happy with it...

We had lunch with my parents and helped them again with some more boxes.  I've come away with some more cool stuff once again...

another Cine camera - this one's older than the previous Super 8
I really would like to get these cameras going again, but it's not easy.  Still, I'm working on it!

I've also come away with a box full of cine films (a dozen or so) taken from 1960 to the end of the 70s of family and holidays!  I really want to get these transferred to dvd for both my parents (& me). So I've started looking, but there are soooo many companies offering the service it's hard to know who'd be any good with them.  Perhaps I'll have to try get a recommendation.

There are also a bag of casettes from the 80's of home video films, so they'll include my brother and me.

I seriously cannot wait to see these all and get them onto dvd.  It's so exciting.

Have a lovely weekend everybody; we've got another quiet weekend of sorting out our garage and loft . x


  1. great job on the corsage, it looks great!!! oh and i can't wait for those camera to work that is going to be awesome!

    thanks for the sweet comments! l always LOVE hearing from you!
    have a fabulous weekend too!


  2. thanks cb :) and me too (wh you) xx


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