Saturday, 16 October 2010

More Owls

It's funny, I've always loved owls, but since blogging and reading all your lovely blogs, it seems we all share a love of owls.  Well, at the moment they seem to be everwhere, which is fabulous!

Here are some I encountered yesterday (although only from the couple of shops we visited)...

I couldn't resist snapping a photo of this cute guy, an owl candle - though I wouldn't want to light him - from John Lewis

John Lewis have a fantastic range of Christmas owls this year, here are a few of them...

bauble filled with chocolate!!

cute knitted decorations

tin decorations

Not sure these crackers have owls in them, but still...

Owl Christmas Cards - yay!
charity cards

wooden decoration
metal bell decoration
Wobble owl!

owl knickers!
even after eating these yummy chocolate coins there's still the cute owl moneybox

lavender bags - hmmm, will have to try doing these myself

sound like an owl!

Paperchase have also got an owl range, from stationery to tea towels...

So cute. x


  1. haha I LOVE your blog!! That's so true, I feel that my love for owls has grown too since blogging. Love all these cute owl pictures, the christmas ones are adorable!! x

  2. I share the love for owls as well! Like your cute blog! Greetings from Sweden!

  3. I've just been drawing lots of owls myself! Haha

  4. hee hee, thanks ladies, we're all owl mad! x

  5. i need to get some owl ornaments! we were going to get some in mexico but they were a little crazy expensive..oh well. this year instead of a christmas tree we are going to do a christmas cactus! i can't wait!!!


  6. cool, love the idea of a Christmas cactus - photos please :) xx

  7. hee hee - isn't it great that they're suddenly everywhere! x


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