Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Tickets galore with cute tin

From an early age I’ve kept all the theatre, movie and concert tickets I’ve been too, along with other "entry" tickets for museums, etc.  For about 20 years they've been housed in a small Harrods biscuit tin, but of late it's been bursting at the seams...

I’ve finally found something cute and big enough for to hold them all with some space for the next lot of tickets.  Marks & Spencer have various cute tins, but for value as well as cuteness, I liked this one by fabulous designer Sanna Annukka (love her designs) with its Swiss Miss & cows ...

M&S have so many gorgeous tins this year, I'd like them all, if I had the space!

Do you keep any ephemera? x


  1. i try doing that but i always forget where i keep them and i then i end up tossing them all :( that tin is oh so cute!!! have you heard of ellen giggenbach? google her you will like her...that tin looks like her style...very cute!


  2. thanks for the great suggestion - you're right, her designs are gorgeous (esp her owls!) thanks cb xx

  3. I keep all my tickets too! Love the tin!
    velvet cupcakes

  4. i adore harrods and that tin is fantastic;)
    i don't keep tickets but dave does-ALL of them! He actually designed the bar in our finished basement and in the bar are many old tickets from sporting events. It looks really cool. AND-we have many other tickets laying around that I should probably do something crafty with because right now they are laying in piles in his office drawer and on the bookshelf looking like a hot mess. ha!

  5. that sounds really cool Gina! x


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