Friday, 29 October 2010


Next month we’re off to Chicago for a few days, then down to the Florida Keys for a week.

Although we’ve been to Chicago several times previously I’m asking you for any suggestions on things to do and see whilst we’re there.  That includes restuarants you love, any good vintage/thrift shops, or basically anything you enjoyed and could recommend please?

We’ve been to most (I think) of the tourist places including the Art Institute (altho we’ll go again as we love it & always visit), the Adler planetarium, navy pier, natural history museum, etc. 

Being a big fan of Frank Lloyd Wright we’re planning on finally going to Oak Park for the Studio & Home tours.  Also an Architecture River cruise & the Mexican Museum of Art which will still have a fab DOTD exhibition.

Frank Lloyd Wright Home & Studio

We then fly to Miami to drive down to the Keys to meet up with my parents.  So, again, if you have any suggestions – as we’ve never been to the Keys before – they would be gratefully received.

Oh and does anyone know where I can get bubble tea in either location?   I’ve read so much about it, I really want to try some whilst we’re there!

Thanks for any help ladies, I can't wait to go. x


  1. i have only been there once so i can't really help out there but we did go so the frank lloyd wright house and it is truly beautiful! can't wait to pictures. when we went to the house we couldn't see all of it...hopefully you do! did you know that simon and garfunkel have a song called frank lloyd wright..check it out :)

    i was soo impressed with chicago and how clean it was and free of homeless people...and the architecture is just so beautiful too! have LOTS of fun and a safe flight there!!!

    oh and the florida keys!! i haven't been there yet but would LOVE too! my aunt used to live in miami so we would go there all the time..i LOVE miami...feels like mexico to me :)


  2. thanks cb :) I LOVE FLW so can't wait to go, hopefully it'll be dry so we can do the walking tour too, will check out the song thanks.

    We LOVE Chicago - probably our most fave city we've ever been to, as you said, beautiful, & it feels like home.

    I'll be taking LOTS of photos to share wh you. I love Miami too, all that gorgeous Deco!


  3. oh i love chicago so much:) and florida will be so fun! I just got back from florida and it was so warm and sunny:) enjoy your trip! I wish i would be close to you so I could visit. Where are your layovers? Any in Philly? :)Gina

  4. Thanks gina, I can't wait, sooooo in need of some sunshine (fingers crossed)! Sadly, nowhere near Philly, straight to Chicago, then fly to Miami & drive down to the keys to meet up with parents.
    Me too! It certainly won't be the last time we go to the states though, so next time I'll try to schedule a stop off :) x


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