Sunday, 3 October 2010

Vintage photos - part 2

I spent a lovely afternoon and evening yesterday with my parents.  I helped Mum sort out her wardrobe to take on their upcoming cruise (3 formal dances, 2 formal cocktail parties, etc).  We also went through some more old photos.  So, continuing with this theme of vintage photos here are more that I find especially cool, this time from my Dad's side of the family ...

My Dad's grandmother, Violet, aged 15 , (who sadly died aged 40 of stomach cancer)

a great Victorian picture, LOVE the outfit

My Nan, Lydia, aged 11 in 1911 (a year before her mother, above, died)

dressed up for the school play

Violet's husband (my Dad's Grandfather) - William Arthur

another great Victorian photo

We're not sure who this is, we think it's an Uncle of my Dad's when he was in his early 20's

what an intense look!

This photo, we think, is of an Aunt of my Dad's who emigrated to Canada and says "The smile that won't come off" on the back
I just love Bert serious stance, but Doll's grin!

My Nan again, early 1920's I believe
Lydia - LOVE the parasol
and golfing, outfit so of the period...
Nan again, golfing

My Dad's Aunt Ede in 1929, she was a Nurse in a convalescing home, and I assume from the look on her face that the cat is being turfed out :) (goregous cat!)

putting out the cat
 This is my Dad's cousin who was a concert pianist with the Halle Orchestra and toured with them, including taking part in the Cecil Rhodes centenary concert in Rhodesia in 1953

I LOVE this dress

Another cousin, and a lovely wedding outfit, late 1950's

This wedding (my Grandfather is on the far left) looks so stylish
I LOVE the look of this wedding, the brides dress & headress are so delicate

 My Dad's the one holding the giant white rabbit :) I'm guessing it was Easter

Dad with his parents, sister, Aunt & cousins

 I LOVE these doggies, the one of the left was Taffy who was my Dad's dog until they had to leave him with family after they were evacuated from Birmingham in the second world war (as they were going to rooms) he would stand up and beg if you asked him too.

The huge English Bulldog is Watch, he weighed 8 stone and could stand up on his hind legs and walk!

aren't these dogs cute

and here they are doing just what they do

My Dad and Aunt in Rhyl, love the mischievous look on my Dad's face
I'm so loving finding these photos and scanning them in, hope you've enjoyed a glimpse into the past.  More to come. x


  1. these pictures are amazing! do you have plans on framing any of them? i told you before we have some of the misters family framed up on our art wall, they add that great vintage touch and it is so awesome to look up at them and say they are family!


  2. yay, you're back, missed chatting :) Seen your photos - sounds wonderful, so pleased you've both had such a fabulous time.

    I'm loving finding all these photos I've never seen before. You're right, so cool & I DO want to get some framed as i LOVE family (esp vintage) photo collections... just have to persuade Hubby it'll be good! xx

  3. The photos are amazing! I love sitting with my Grandma, thumbing through yellowed photos, while she talks of the old days. And you're right, those dogs are adorable!

  4. What an amazing collection of vintage family photos!

  5. they're great aren't they. when I was little I'd spend many a day looking through her photo albums, I loved them so much (esp a photo of my Dad's cousin who had plaited pigtails). Sadly these photos I'm sharing with you seem to be the only ones our family now have as my cousins have the rest - so these are extra special! x


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