Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Beautiful beads & bingo

I recently bought some lovely craft items from Vintagescrapshop on etsy and they arrived today ...
... lovely "berry" beads
lucite green

raspberry - look almost good enough to eat

and a mix
and some great wooden bingo pieces

can't wait to turn them into some fun jewellery.  I LOVE this shop! x


  1. oh i LOVE the bingo pieces! have you ever seen scrabble earrings? i think those are so cute! oh i can't wait to see what you make!!

    i thought those berries were real! they look so good and super yummy! i am that person the LOVES to eat the greenish/red blackberries! i love tart blackberries! reminds me of summer <3


  2. oh yes! I plan on making the larger bingo ones into earrings studs :)
    They do look real don't they, yum, LOVE blackberrying! xox

  3. Cool!! Looking forward to the crafts you create with 'em!

  4. me too Melissa - when I get back from hols I'll be crafting away xx


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