Monday, 1 November 2010


Today I've made my first bunting with some of that lovely Christmas fabric I posted about last month.  It took me a while, but I'm really pleased with how it turned out ...

I did 3 separate strings so I can either use them together or separately. I'm thinking across the banister on the top floor landing, bedhead/foot (as shown) & perhaps across a bookcase.

Thanks to cb at citybirdsnest for the fab idea! Can't wait to use them now. x


  1. oh yay! they look fabulous! i love that one of them is hanging from the bed! you are bunting making machine! are you gonna make more?


  2. :D thanks ladies, I'm soooo happy with them.

    Usually when I sew it's never quite right, but these turned out just as I hoped, YAY!

    cb: I love the one on the bed too! I think I WILL make more, I have two whole boxes of other fabric from my Mum, so lots of possibilities! xox

  3. i love bunting, great job!

  4. thanks O. for my first try, I'm very pleased :) bunting IS fab isn't it! x

  5. you did a fabulous job:) so impressive;) gina

  6. thanks gina, can't wait to do some more now :) x


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