Thursday, 4 November 2010


My Dad was an avid cyclist for many years, although since his double hip replacement some years ago he's just an avid tennis player.

When he was younger Dad won many races & went on many long-distance cycle trips with his father.  I have a couple of postcards from one of their trips, in which my Grandfather writes that he hadn't seen my Dad all day as Dad rode on ahead, and then my Grandfather's coat got caught up in his wheel & he had a nasty crash & ended up with a head wound & several bad gashes on his arms.  Thankfully he managed to get a lift from a van driver who took him some 20 miles to the next town.

Here's my Dad in 1936, at the age of 3, with his second bicycle, well actually a tricycle from the looks of it …

How did he pedal with such little legs?

With his L.H Brookes cycle with the Jnr. Championship Cup in June 1952

He's just come home from his RAF training in Rhodesia in this photo

And at one of his races in Leicester May 1951

Such determination on their faces, not sure if he beat the man in front of him?

Sadly his most prized racing bikes were stolen by some meany in the late 80’s.  x


  1. your dad sounds amazing! i have thought of doing some racing but it is kinda a different...i forget what it is called but you are on a stationary bike and you just petal...i am really good at that...there have been a couple of bike fairs that have hosted events like that but i guess i am a little shy so i have never done it. we live pretty close to a track and the mister keeps going on and on about going but hasn't yet...i think he feels the same why.

    that is horrible that someone stole your dads bike! i hate when people do that it makes me sooo angry! well i hope they paid BIG in karma!

    thanks for sharing these amazing pictures!!! it is soo crazy that people were going so fast on those big heavy bikes and had no brakes on their bikes! i am not one to skid stop either!


  2. hoped you'd like the post :)

    Sounds interesting, I'm rather shy too, so I get the reluctance, maybe you will one day x

    it's fascinating to me that he used to race (& win), as you say, esp when you consider the bikes compared to todays - I'm surprised he's not got more scars. xoxox

  3. thanks kate - my Dad's the sweetest person I know x


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