Tuesday, 23 November 2010


I know they’re not quite as cute as Koalas ;) but thought you might like to see some cute kangaroos and wallabys from the Koala Sanctuary.  Just because…

... our first wallaby

You actually walk around the kangaroo area of the sanctuary amongst the kangaroos, over several large "fields" I guess. 

After seeing the wallaby we didn't see any kangaroos for ages, we were beginning to wonder if there were any :) but then we found them, all together under the trees, in the shade (smart kangas)

This kanga was very still & sweet - I tried not to get too close to them (love that photo zoom), they are wild afterall, & I don't think it's a good idea to bother them - but some tourists were going right up to them, some feeding them (you can buy food for them), and one man actually laid down next to one whilst his wife photographed them!!! Poor kanga.

This guy was HUGE - he's a red kangaroo so a different type than the rest, and had his own 'pad' - to me he was more the achitypal kangaroo

It really is a fantastic place & I hope if you ever have the chance to visit Brisbane you go visit it. x

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  1. oh they are sooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so jealous that you get to walk around with them..where is this place? i want to go!

    hope you are enjoying your trip!!!



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