Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Photo inspiration

Here are some of my “country” photos that are beautiful to me and make me feel good, I hope you enjoy them …
... these were taken in the garden of our family home (sadly sold a couple years ago)
I LOVE how etheral this climber is

These chinese lanterns are so beautiful, and they look fab dried too

I love this photo of one lonely cow in the very early morning mist

A truly stunning sunset

Gorgeous full blossom blooms

A lovely Autum walkway

Oh the lovely Wales beach
Tenerife skies

Cute litttle creatures in Barbados - this lovely little bird came sooo close

And this little 'lizard' popped up to say hello every morning - look at that face :)

Just looking at them all makes me smile :) x


  1. these pictures are sooo beautiful! the sunset and the flowers...and the little birds! makes me want to go there! what is the plant in the first two pictures? it looks like something out of dr. seuss!


  2. wow! these pictures are gorgeous! they make me want to go outside for a long walk:)


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