Monday, 8 November 2010

Sad goodbye

We had a lovely weekend, but it was tinged with sadness as we’ve said goodbye to Wales (for now) as my parents have sold their chalet.  Whilst I totally support their decision, it was still sad to leave the beautiful place I’ve been visiting all my life and was like a second home.

It was one heck of a journey down there - I've had a dreadful cold/touch of flu all week so wasn't feeling great - we found our main route closed due to flooding, and after finding an alternative route we went through soooo many floods it was quite scary at times - small country road, gushing water coming right over the car (eeek), then we got onto a better road and entered fog - couldn't see two feet in front of the car!

more delicious cupcakes - YUM!
Still, we got there, had a lovely weekend, but because of all the rain Bonfire Night was a washout - NO fireworks (boo), NO bonfire (boo), but we didn't let it damper our weekend and we did have some sunshine on Saturday and Sunday. It was a lovely fond farewell. x


  1. sorry to hear about your second home, i know leaving a place you have known all your life is hard but i am sure it was for good reasons! i hope you are feeling better too!
    i HATE driving in bad weather conditions, also glad you made it there safely, sounds like a rough drive!


  2. absolutely, and we'll still visit someday. Bit better thanks :)hubby was driving & was very calm thankfully! xox

  3. You have a nice blog..... thanks for sharing your thoughts and crafts.

    PS: the old photos of your dad are fun!!

  4. thanks dls :) pleased you liked them x


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