Wednesday, 3 November 2010


Soup is great all year round, but for me, it's extra special in Autumn.  Perhaps it's that Winter is fast approaching now (we turned back the clocks at the weekend so it's dark by 4pm now) or just that it's a comfort food to me.

I make a spicy butternut squash soup from time to time, but my Mum asked me to try a new recipe that used an apple.  It turned out really nicely, a little sweet perhaps, but warming & very Autumnal & it's the colour of the trees round here right now, a creamy yellow.

The recipe will be on my recipe page shortly. x


  1. oh yes i have used apple in a butternut soup because and it was super yummy!! i am also a HUGE fan of soup and stews! i have them all year round. they are very comforting especially stews as my grandmother makes the best yucatan stews!!


  2. Yucatan stew - never heard of that one, will have to find a recipe & try it - Hubby LOVES stews! And I would think that as it's your grandmother's it makes it that much better somehow. x


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