Saturday, 6 November 2010

Vintage clothing - part 2

I re-discovered another clothing box the other day, full of my Mum's evening outfits from the 60's & 70's.  Some of them are amazing, though sadly once again, I've had to photograph them as they are so not the best pics ...

This gauzy blouse goes beautifully with this amazing ankle-length skirt

The skirt is a very good quality thick crepe with gorgeous metallic embroidery

This evening coat is stunning - it's covered in gold 'slubs' I soooo wish it fitted me (but as usual, all of these are TINY)

I remember my Mum wearing this dress when I was a little girl and I always wanted to wear it.  It's gauzy so I assume she had a slip underneath it.  The photos don't really show the true colours, but it's an amazing rich emerald & jade with a golden olive and gold thread...

I love how sweet this dress is, large patterned polka dots on a purple background, with broderie anglais around the neck, cuffs & hem and a velvet ribbon under the bust

This dress looks skin tight, with an overlay of daisy patterned 'lace' over the bust

I LOVE this silk/satin hot pink dress, it has the most beutiful detail along the neckline & bust & is such a pretty colour...

And this one - GORGEOUS!!!! It's one of the only short cocktail dresses, in silk/satin and is a fabulous jade-turquoise, LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT (again, wish it fit me)..

Hee, hee, this is a white lace trouser & tunic set, with nice big flares - not one of my favourite items, but very "of its time" and I'm sure it had its admirers back then


I used to love this dress & dreamed of wearing it too - it's rather witchy which I love. Black bodice style dress with chiffon bell sleeves (seen better in the 2nd pic) ...

Finally, this one is a more recent dress, from the 80's.  It's a black silky skirted dress with a "tartan" check top - but the colours are gorgeous & are like shot-taffeta, with a bright jade tie

'Sigh', so lovely and I'm sure I'll decide what to do with them one day (re-purpose them, sell them, etc).  Do you have any vintage clothing from your family? x


  1. Oooh, I LOVE the bright blue cocktail dress! I wish we had vintage clothing in my family! My mom got rid of all of her clothing except her wedding dress, which won't fit me since I'm taller than her...

  2. I love having these, even though they don't fit me - they did once, but sadly I was too young to actually wear them then. I'm forever 'saving' things from the bin! x

  3. all those dresses are amazing! so many possibilities too! have fun playing with them!



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