Friday, 12 November 2010

Vintage mirror

When we were in Wales we went into a great little 'new' antique shop.  The lady who runs it with her sister was friendly and we had a good chat - she has a studio in part of the small shop and makes and sells stone jewellery and handmade handbags which were lovely & bright in carribbean colours.

Anyway I found this small vintage 'dresser' mirror which now has pride of place on a chest of drawers (which need painting) in one of the bedrooms...

It's a lovely dull gold, is quite clear but has some age speckling which I think is lovely.  It's so pretty & was rather a bargain - the best kind of vintage. Have a lovely weekend everyone. x


  1. love that mirror! what a great find! and the metal work is oh so cute!!!!!!!


  2. the metal work is the main reason I love it, it's thick, but pretty. xx

  3. Awhile ago, you left a very lovely comment on my blog about the breakup I was going through. I'm finally reaching a point of responding, and can't seem to figure out your email address, so I'm writing it as a comment here:

    Aw, thank you so much for your incredibly kind words! I appreciate it tons. It's a great reminder to read that things will look up -- they have been day by day already. It's also comforting to read about how you met your husband at a point when you had stopped looking, as a reminder of how waiting for the right person is totally worth it. Thanks again, you're so thoughtful!

  4. thanks Melissa, you're so welcome - I've emailed you direct x

  5. oh that mirror is fantastic:)
    what are you and the hubby up to this weekend? :)gina

  6. hi gina - relaxing! with the holiday fast approaching we're trying to get everything done, but taking some time to chill :) xx

  7. I can only imagine the glamorous lady who once used this!


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