Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Vintage photos - part 3 (1920's)

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these photos of my Grandmother and her friends.  They look dressed for cricket to me, but my Mum says tennis.

Elsie Freda (Grandma) is the second from right on the front row (ignoring girl stretched out)

These are from the mid to late 1920’s and my Grandma would have been in her early 20’s.

again, second from right, front row (ignoring girl stretched out)

I especially love the feeling I get when I look at these – as this is my Grandma as a woman.  It gives a not-often insight into her as a young woman rather than as a wife, mother and my Grandma.  I wish I'd known her as a young woman.

Who knew she drank beer.

Elsie - second on left
And here she is as a bridesmaid for one of her friends - LOVE the cute hats and dresses - look at the size of the bouquets!

Second on left, and her brother Winston (Bob) on far right
I’m definitely planning on enlarging one of the "tennis" ones and putting it on the wall. x


  1. i love looking at vintage pictures! so funny that almost all the women have short haircuts! i know that style was trendy back then but it looks like not one person has short hair! funny! the first one is my favorite, makes me wish i could go play with them!


  2. hee hee, it's kind of a cut at ear level whether it's thick or fine hair - yet somehow they still look very now.
    I know what you mean, they look like so much fun & I love the kids in the background jumping around! x

  3. these photos are amaaazing! i have a few of my grandmother and cherish them.

  4. all these "vintage" photos are recent finds for me, and now I can't stop looking at them as I've never seen photos of my grandparents when they were younger. x


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