Thursday, 25 November 2010

Vintage photos - part 4

In the same vein as the last lot of vintage photos, these ones are my Poppa (grandfather) in the late 1940's early 1950's.  He always worked on farms and these offer a glimpse of the old-fashioned way of farming that survived for so many decades before machinery finally took over...

...having a lunch break - you don't see hay bales like this anymore

Cecil is on the left at the front
Cecil & a heiffer

Rolling after harrowing - I remember as a small child going to ploughing competitions that Poppa was in

I love these photos for that glimpse into the past, especially the first one - it looks like such a lovely sunny day with them resting during a hard day labouring in the fields. Although the sad thing is seeing him with a cigarette in two of the photos as he died of lung cancer in his early 70's, if only they knew back then. x


  1. These photos are so fun! I love going through old photos. I have some from my grandfather that he took in Italy during WWII. I also just recently came across a photo of my great aunt at Florida State University, which is where I went to school! How cool!

  2. these are great pictures! i love the one of your grandfather with the the cow, he looks so darn cute with those boots and high waisted trousers!



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