Friday, 10 December 2010

Chicago - part 3

On our last day in Chicago we mostly shopped & had a good wander.  It was really warm in the morning, positively hot!  However, late afternoon, the skies opened, and boy did it rain!  We're talking rivers instead of roads.  We got soaked, laughed alot, and finally made it to Rock Bottom Brewery (we always go here, great food & beer!).   On our first trip on Saturday we'd gone for burgers, & onion rings as a side - well.... talk about onion rings, check these out!

The beer glass is huge, so you can imagine how large the rings were (& this photo is with two already eaten) - needless to say, we were (pleasantly) surprised!!  Oh, and they were delicious!

Anyway on Monday, being soaked, Hubby decided to get the beer sampler in addition to his favourite Chicago Gold...

and thoroughly polished those off!  I had pizza (sorry, forgot in my hunger to take a photo, doh) & Hubby had an amaaaaazing BBQ pulled pork sarnie - so we shared again, hee hee :)

Here are a few other photos from the beautiful city we took over the weekend...

... giant Christmas cookies

the El

decorations at Macy's (once Marshall Fields)

an owl atop the library
the fabulous Chicago Theatre

Oh Christmas Tree
Up next, the Florida Keys. x


  1. those onion rings are giant size!!! at first when i say them i thought they were donuts!
    i love going to breweries and getting the samples and even better when the brewery has yummy food too!

    i always felt that chicago reminded me of gotham city...i love how the train is up high...makes it feel as if it is a different level of the city!

    can't wait to see the florida keys!!


  2. us too :) and I know what you mean - the El being so close to all the buildings too, being able to see into offices etc whilst you ride - very Gotham-esque! xox

  3. There are so many fun things in this post to comment on, but I'm totally distracted by those delicious-looking onion rings.


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