Thursday, 9 December 2010

Christmas decorating

On Sunday I decorated for Christmas.  It's the first 'proper' step towards Christmas for me and I love it all.

The largest tree is in our living room, a smaller one on the landing & a tiny one in the dining room (that just has chocolate decorations on it).  They're all synthetic trees we've had for years & still look good.

Living room tree...
 Landing tree...


Mum gave me some decorations this year too, some not so old...

... and some vintage ones that I remember from my childhood ...

 hee hee, check out Santa's mustache!

We also have a garland in each room, and one wound around the bottom of the main bannister.

I love putting the tree lights on as soon as it gets dark, or I get home, it creates such a great ambience.

Have you decorated yet? x


  1. i love putting up decorations especially the ones from my childhood. it is soo much fun to reminisce. we put up lights on our front porch and then last night we put a christmas tree light that the misters grandfather made out of baby food is really awesome!


  2. that light sounds so awesome! and how lovely it's from the mister's grandfather too. xoxo

  3. oh i love your trees!! they are lovely:)

  4. Aw it looks lovely!
    I love decorating the christmas tree, love love love christmas :) x

  5. thanks ladies - Christmas is soooooo lovely (nothing I don't love about it)! x


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