Saturday, 11 December 2010

Christmas Movies

I'm a sucker for Christmas films, even some of the rubbishy ones (& the made-for-tv-ones).  Here are the Christmas films I'll be watching in the run-up to the big day (I've started already), in no particular order:

Olive the Other Reindeer - LOVE this super cute film (& Drew & Joe Pants), even the songs are catchy, I find myself singing them alot afterwards

Elf - Zooey rocks & how cool is that Winter Wonderland Will Ferrell makes

The Santa Clause 1, 2 & 3 - the 3rds not so good, but still watchable

Love Actually - one of my favourite films, and definitely a Christmas film!

Deck the Halls - Danny Devito & Matthew Broderick go head-to-head over Christmas lights

Christmas with the Kranks - Tim Allen learns the true meaning of Christmas

The Holiday - another one perhaps not obviously Christmassy, but to me, it is

Bridget Jones Diary - and another, it just has that feeling

Santa Claus the Movie - remember seeing this at the cinema when I was 10

Fred Claus - cool yule

Christmas in Conneticut - 90s version cheese with Kris Kristofferson & Dion Cannon (as Martha Stewart-a-like)

Scrooged - classic Billy Murry 80's brilliance

Miracle on 34th Street - either version

Jingle all the Way - Arnie taking on a reindeer

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - still funny year after year - Hubby's favourite

Home Alone 1, 2 & 3 - it's a box set, hence the 3 

The Family Stone - in a word 'brilliant'

While you were Sleeping - one of the best from Sandra Bullock (& of course it's Chicago)

Trading Places - another FAB 80's film

Nightmare before Christmas - sooo cool

Trapped in Paradise - Nic Cage & his bungling brothers stuck in a small town over Christmas

How the Grinch stole Christmas - a recent viewing of this film version, I quite liked it

A Christmas Carol / Scrooge - pretty much any of the adaptions, although not really the musical ones!

The Box of Delights - fantastic tv special that I first saw when I was 9, I still love the magic of this wonderful tv show & look forward to watching it each year

The Snow Queen - Hallmark with Bridget Fonda, great adaption

A Boyfriend for Christmas - TV movie, a woman asks Santa for a boyfriend, years later he delivers

Santa Baby - TV movie, Jenny McCarthy is Santa's corporate daughter who must come back to the North Pole

Eloise at Christmastime - she's so cute

Single Santa seeks Mrs Claus - Steve Guttenburg TV movie
Meet the Santas - follow up to the above

Groundhog Day - definitely not Christmas, but the snow makes me feel like it is!

200 Cigarettes - great indie ensemble film, this is about New Year's Eve

Once upon a Christmas - Kathy Ireland is Santa's daughter who has to bring Christmas back to some naughty children
Twice upon a Christmas - sequel to above, this time she's forgotten who she is & her evil sister sells off the North Pole bit by bit - I don't have either of these but they're fun Christmas films

There are of course many more, including White Christmas (which is fab, but not very Christmassy to me) and It's a Wonderful Life (which I love, but again, not so much at Christmas).

What will you be watching to get you in the Christmas spirit? x


  1. christmas vacation is my favorite;)

  2. :) to this day I still have hysterics when the squirrel jumps out x

  3. I love pretty much all of these, especially Elf and It's A Wonderful Life. I also like A Christmas Story - "you'll shoot your eye out kid!" :)

  4. i think love actually is one of my favorite christmas movies! plus it has huge grant in it and i have a huge crush on him!


  5. love actually always fills me with joy watching it, esp Hugh's voiceover at the beginning & the bit at the end (Oh and his dancing hee hee hee) xox

  6. Wow this is a very comprehensive list! Some of my favourites on her and some that I have never watched before but now plan on seeing. My favourite is Charlie Brown Christmas.

  7. :) thanks for your comment Marisa - you see, I still forgot one - i too LOVE Charlie Brown Christmas, though they haven't shown it in the UK for a while x


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